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About Me

Hello World! I started a journey to purchase a home in Puerto Rico where my people come from. I wanted to plant roots of my own here for generations to come and to rent out my home so people like you can experience the island as well.


My parents were both born and raised in PR but I am first generation mainland Bori and didn’t get to come to this beautiful island until I was 20. On that trip, I fell in love with my culture more as I explored my heritage with my Mom. That trip was my only trip I got to take with her, but I carried on the traditions with a daughter of my own. Several times a year I make sure that she and I come to the island, contribute to its beauty, enjoy and explore as many places as possible and definitely eat the good eats! I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to and where I am now on this journey of owning a home on the island, my art, my personal growth, all the roadblocks, and new knowledge gained along the way!


It's just the beginning!

Available now! Book a stay at my place in Luquillo, PR.. Click the Airbnb link in the menu. Experience my journey and drink some Mavi while you're there!

- jacklee

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